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Friday, January 28, 2011

Top New Brewers In The World 2011


  1. Oh, and this deserves a toast! It is an honor well deserved!

  2. Congrats on the well-deserved accolade!

    As great as your brews are, I have to say your label designs are equally unique. Who does your design?

    Keep up the good work (you and the yeast!)

  3. Hello from Connecticut. We have been selling your beer at Prime 16 in New Haven and it's been doing well. Do you have any tap handles or clip- ons for generic tap handles? It would make it easier to sell your beers. Congratulations on your recent recognition.
    Bob Potter - Prime 16 Tap House + Burgers

  4. Congrats very much!

    Is Max's the only place that carries you guys on tap in Baltimore City?

  5. thanks!

    no, its scattered around the better beer bars in Baltimore and beyond :)

  6. I'm drinking Autumnal as I write this and it is a revelation (as is also all your label artwork). We're experiencing some heat in L.A. at the moment and this is the perfect sparkling contemplative refresher. Congratulations on the awards. Consider me a fan. Any intention of doing a lambic or, on the other side of the universe, a stout? Baltimore. Whew. Home of my guitar amp -- a Tone King -- and, now, my favorite brewery. I should visit.