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Monday, November 22, 2010

"an existentialist commentary on a brewer imposing his own view on the beer universe. "


  1. Not my favorite type of beer, but Nietzsche? Really? Actually, this is a really nice dark beer and like none i've tried. Commendations for sure.
    Can't wait to try your new one at Eulogy. Maybe i will do so on Friday. When will we see you in Philly again? Maybe B-more this weekend? M&S for birthdays?

  2. thanks :)

    yes i will be in bmore this weekend. Philly might be a little while.. lots of travel in the future!

  3. This was an excellent beverage good sirs. I was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful taste I showed in selecting this unique farmhouse ale for my own enjoyment. I will be sure to look for your other offerings in the future.